Jewel Custom

Custom Word Templates

Custom templates are a way to get a consistent look very quickly. It has the advantages over copying and renaming a similar document of being faster, cleaner, it avoids leaving embarrassing details unchanged, and usually produces a smaller document.

The exact nature of a custom template will depend on your business. Such as:

  • a letter with your logo and sign off
  • meeting minutes with a consistent look and action indication
  • a report that includes a table of contents and the current header text in the heading
Custom templates can also come with macro logic - like the invoice - to speed up entry of fixed text. Such as:
  • add a form to your minutes with a choice of people you expect to attend and/or automatically pull in agenda items
  • take the content of a predefined form and process the contents. For instance see what JEWEL did for the MEDANZ Teachers' Register

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