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Online, through Udemy I will be offering a series of courses.

Exploring Hungarian from Folksongs for English Speakers

A fun way to learn a language - through song lyrics. You will learn to read (and sing) Hungarian from the text of a folksong. Through repetition you can practice phrases and intonation.

These courses require no previous experience in foreign languages - or singing ability.

10175min20liveThe Hungarian alphabet, counting, plurals.
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1021hr15blue skyAlphabet revision, colours, body parts, predicate sentences.
1021hr15blue skyVowel revision, greetings, adverbs of place, the accusative.
2011hr20blue skyThe verb "to be". Present tense. Past tense.

Harvesting with a Scythe

English1hr25liveEquipment and tasks for harvest. More detail and Discount Coupon
Magyar 10draftA kasza és a csapat Több
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Teaching the chorus.
Live teaching - the chorus
PowerPoint on plurals.
PowerPoint on plurals
Singing at Varga Day party 2006 (Laci, Gábor, Gábor).
Singing at Varga Day party