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EHF 101

TitleExploring Hungarian from Folksongs for English Speakers: 101
PrerequisitesBe able to read English
No previous experience in foreign languages required
Ability to sing not required
SongKilenc kis gólya (Nine Little Storks)
Learning OutcomesStudents will be able to:
  • Explain what a digraph is
  • Give examples of digraphs in English and Hungarian
  • Correctly pronounce Hungarian digraphs
  • Read aloud the words to "Kilenc kis gólya"
  • Optionally sing the folksong "Kilenc kis gólya"
  • Count from 1 to 10 in Hungarian
  • Form plurals for regular Hungarian nouns
Lessons14 lectures (75 minutes)
4 quizes
PriceUSD20 - without a coupon
Coupon25% off ie $15
Additional ResourcesWords of song (with translation), the Hungarian alphabet, tips on pronouncing Hungarian, handout from "Hungarian Plurals" PowerPoint presentation, typing Hungarian vowels.
25% off.
Young storks in nest on power pole.
Young storks in Hungary
Teaching the chorus.
Live teaching - the chorus
PowerPoint on plurals.
PowerPoint on plurals