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Scything the Rye

TitleScything through the Rye - a guide to traditional harvesting
PrerequisitesBe able to read English
To try it out you will need a scythe.
Learning OutcomesStudents will be able to:
  • Setup a scythe
  • Sharpen a new or damaged scythe and maintain an edge on a working scythe
  • Organize a team to harvest grain by hand
  • Build a "kereszt" to dry the grain
Lessons19 lectures (55 minutes)
3 quizes
Video demonstrations (including a harvest in Hungary) and PowerPoint.
Price USD20 with coupon code: KIWI20
Normally USD25 - without a coupon

And in Hungarian (Magyarul)

20% off.
Harvest in Hajd˙hadhßz 2015.
Harvest in Hajd˙hadhßz
Honing the scythe.
Honing the scythe
The end result: a "kereszt"