Where you can learn about the Hungarian language

"Hungarian Kiwi" - a person of Hungarian ancestry living in New Zealand.

Welcome to this place that examines the language and song of Hungary through the eyes, ears, and mind of an English speaking New Zealander (me, Judith). Our exploration will use simple folksongs - and along the way, you might learn something about New Zealand as well.

The first Exploring Hungarian from Folksongs for English Speakers course is live. Others are in the pipeline. If you are interested and would like to know when they are available - or would like a discount voucher - join us in the exploration.

How to harvest using a scythe (as done in Hungary) is now live.
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The Hungarian version will be available soon.

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Surfing - Brighton Beach.
New Brighton Beach, NZ
Native ferns.
New Zealand Ferns
Sárospatak, Hungary.
Sárospatak, Hungary